Lot Photography Service


So you think photo quality doesn't really matter?...

Why do you wash your cars on your lot every other day?
Why do you pay to have your lot swept and cleaned?
Why do you spend money on re-conditioning?

You want the car looking its best when that potential buyer sees it for the first time, right?.
Have you ever heard a customer ask you…? “Could you wash it for me so I can see it when it’s clean?”… NO? … and you 
probably never will… they are already gone.
The Internet is no different… In fact it's more important to be "clean" online.
Have you ever had a customer call you and ask… Can you send me some better photos? … maybe, but not likely, with 22 
other cars that matched my search, I have already skipped yours and I’m looking at the ones with multiple photo’s that are 
clear and clean… I’m already planning my route to go see those cars!

Your customers are looking at your cars online for a much, much longer time than they are when they are driving by your 
They are online during their lunch hour car shopping from their desk. They just got back from the pub at 2:30 am (these 
guys aren’t sure why the photos are blurry though)… or they are up on the weekend early, planning the route online to go 
see the car they are going to buy that day!

​ ... Lot Photography Service, San Diego CA